Kate N- I used to hate women, now I love them. I got sober at 21 and thought at my age I was supposed to be out partying. In the house I was with other girls my age who were also struggling so I didn’t feel like just a statistic or part of a stigma. Before living in the house it was hard for me to bond with other women, now they’re vital to my recovery. My two best friends to this day, 4 and a half years later, I made at the sober house. The sober house helped me build another level of support I didn’t know was possible that helped me get through the hard shit. It created a safety net for me that I could trust.  The rules and accountability really helped me become an adult. They taught me that it’s not just about me and my way and how I wanna do things. Now in life I’m always trying to contribute and not take. They gave me a sense of accountability and integrity that I never had before and there was never a time or place when I needed someone to talk to that they weren’t there for me. It was comforting to know that their priority was to be there for me. The Aurora house really became my home. It’s gorgeous structurally, but it’s really the community and people that made it a home. There were always people hanging out in the living room and it always felt so homey and lovey. True North Recovery is warm, accepting, all-inclusive, and nonjudgemental. Ann was able to make it individualized and community based at the same time. Where we’re all coming from is different, but we’re all trying to get to the same place. 

Nicole W. - While living in the house I got sober, but I got something else too; I got happy. 

True North Recovery’s approach to sober housing is involved, dedicated, and loving. The women in the house really made it feel like home. I never thought I’d be able to have honest relationships with women, and now I value these relationships over everything. True North Recovery’s houses are different because they give you freedom. I was able to make my own choices. Instead of saying “no you can’t do that”, they’d say “let’s talk it over and look at all the facts” so I was able to learn how to make better choices. After I moved into Nova, everything that I had given myself permission to relapse over, happened. I ended a relationship, I addressed and worked through past traumas, my grandpa died and my grandma became ill. Having such a strong support system at the house during these hard times kept me sober when I thought nothing could.

Natalie T. - I came out of the house not hating myself, I learned I was lovable. True North Recovery houses are not just a house you go to after treatment, they help you address all the other things in life as well. I was able to get the tools that help me show up better in life. I didn’t realize until I’d been there for months, but everything that is a requirement has a purpose. Making our beds everyday helps with accountability. Morning meditations and 10th steps at night help build relationships with housemates. Living at Aurora really changed how I viewed women. I used to hate women. They were mean, bitchy, and I was afraid of them. Now they’re my favorite. I gained so much from living in a True North Recovery house. I got my dream job and got my life in order. I learned that the world doesn’t revolve around me, and my actions affect other people.

Michele C- There is always someone that’s there to talk to when you need it. I was never alone. I felt so safe and comfortable at Aurora house. I’m not just a person paying a fee, I’m cared about. True North Recovery’s approach to sober housing is spot on. I feel so valued by the staff and managers. They value us all individually and they value all personalities. I built so many relationships with the women in the house. While living in the Aurora house my understanding of addiction and alcoholism has kept growing. The work we did with Codependent No More showed me another layer of really important things I need to work on. I learned so much about the disease, now I’m starting to understand why addicts act the way that they do. True North recovery changed so many beliefs that I had held strongly. I didn’t believe that other people could care as much as they have. I didn’t like women. Now I’m comfortable interacting with women, I trust them, and I’ve gained true friends. 

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