Compass Program

Our non-clinical approach supports women with 0-30 days of recovery who are on their journey to achieve long-term recovery. Our program engages our residents in a skills and tool-based curriculum to create balance, productivity, and independence. Through high accountability standards, we provide a safe living environment for women with short-term recovery to succeed.   We understand that in some cases women need clinical services like detox to get started or mental health professionals to provide a plan to stabilize mental health issues as they begin the challenging work necessary for long term recovery.  We focus on day to day living and partner with clinical resources that focus on women in early sobriety.     

 Often, women working to maintain long term sobriety have used clinical and therapy interventions and have a strong understanding of the disease of addiction but continue to struggle with relapse.   To maintain long term recovery, we have to change how we live, how we think, and how we perceive the world, things we cannot find in a clinical setting.  That is where our Compass program focuses. 

We provide:

  • a higher level of accountability and stability through the especially challenging first 30 days of recovery.   

  • Tools and one one one support to help residents as they develop a structure that balances recovery with other responsibilities, 

  • Realistic understanding of the importance real self care, and the part it plays in long term recovery. 

  • a recovery program that includes all of the crucial elements needed to succeed such as attending regular meetings, working with a sponsor, and service work.  

  • lastly, a spiritual program because WE CANNOT DO THIS ALONE.