The Aurora House

an environment where women can heal and recover.  



Aurora House  opened in December of 2015. In addition to requiring residents to work a 12th step program, we watched the situations that would derail a woman’s recovery and started building accountability and activities to help women stay sober through the most difficult times. Today, in addition to traditional sober house accountability, we work with residents on: 

  • Building a daily spiritual program      

  • Balance- i.e. balancing recovery with life and relationships, building a routine to help them thrive, time management tools, etc. 

  • Self care and meditation

  • Building a community of sober women

The Aurora House is a beautiful Kings Maplewood home full of light, old-world charm, original woodworking, and updated amenities like heated bathroom floors, a rain shower and an updated kitchen.  

Our home is a combination of cozy community spaces like the sunroom and 3 season porch where we have coffee and morning meditation or nightly 10th steps, the Den for quiet space where women do meditation, study or meet with sponsors, a workshop where women work on art, sewing, jigsaw puzzles or other hobbies and a TV room where laughter and many miracles happen.  


We are located on a private corner lot landscaped with flowers, rose bushes, small gardens, a fountain.  The large back yard has a grill, a hammock, and area for eating  and gathering.   

The Aurora House is located in beautiful Mac-Groveland neighborhood in St. Paul, 2 blocks from the Mississippi River and its walking paths.  Mac-Groveland has been voted the safest and best place to live in Saint Paul.   We are walking distance to grocery stores, pharmacies, coffee shops, restaurants, and bus stop.  

What We Do


Being sober doesn't mean being boring! We host sober events throughout the year including anniversiery parties, Sober Olympics and a day at the lake.

Spiritual Program

Our residents are required to work a 12 step program with a sponsor, attend women's meetings, and learn to be of service to others. We learn how to create relationships that will strengthen us to become the women we are meant to be.

Service Work 

Our house is founded on helping others and being of service to anyone who comes across our path. Building relationships through service work is a pillar element of our curriculum.


Weekly check-ins help keep us on the right path to achieve long term recovery. We check in on our recovery programs and if we are struggling, work together to figure out what’s getting in our way and how to get back on track.


True North Recovery is owned and operated by women in recovery  to provide sober housing services to women in early recovery who are actively seeking  resources to build a long term recovery program.

Throughout 2020 we maintained a full house of thriving women, celebrated  12  one year anniversaries.  and only 4  reuses occurred. Over the past 8years, we have helped more than 220 women find long-term recovery.  


Because our average resident stay is 9mo to 1yr, new residents benefit from the experience of the women in the house who have already achieved long-term sobriety. As a result of the longer than average stay, our residents are able to create and maintain strong relationships with women. and dramatically increase their chances at long-term recovery. 

Our residents focus on building a 12 step based recovery program, a daily spiritual practice, mindfulness and meditation, balance, self care, relationships/codependency, self- sufficiency, and being useful to others.


Our Values

service to others-values