True North Recovery is owned and operated by women in recovery  to provide sober housing recovery services to women in early sobriety who are looking for resources to build a long term recovery program.

We have worked to bring our combined expertise and experience with the disease of addiction, drug and alcohol counseling, mental health disorders, and behavior modification, as well as our personal success in recovery to sober housing focused specifically for women.

The residents in our program focus on building a 12 step based recovery program, a daily spiritual practice, mindfulness and meditation, balance, self care, relationships/codependency, self- sufficiency, and being useful to others. Over the past 5 years, we have helped more than 200 women find long term recovery.

Owner/Operator: Ann Costello-Junge

I attended treatment for alcoholism in April of 2013. Following treatment, I followed the

recommendations of my treatment team and moved into one of the Come Straight Home sober

houses. The ability to enter sober living, instead of returning home after a 30 day inpatient stay,

along with the tools and support I received as a resident, enabled me to build a long term

recovery program.

When I moved into sober living, I was working as an executive in an organization that provided

services to executive teams and talent management consulting services to corporations

throughout the Midwest. In September of 2014, I started providing manager training and

business consulting services to Jennifer Diederich, the owner of Come Straight Home sober

living. As the business grew, I spent more and more time working with the sober houses and

ultimately decided that operating sober homes had become my passion and was critical to my

own long term recovery.  

Jennifer was instrumental in increasing the quality of sober homes throughout St. Paul. As a recovering alcoholic, she understood that women needed a different sober house environment to heal and rebuild. She provided homes we could be proud to live in as we recovered in St. Paul.  Her houses were actual homes and they were safe, clean and warm. When Jennifer made the decision to retire from sober housing in St. Paul, I was determined to try to carry on her vision because it had saved my life and the lives of hundreds of other women. With the help and encouragement of Jennifer, alumni, and the parents of alumni, I started looking into the possibility of opening a sober house. 

Aurora, my first home, opened in December of 2015. I operated and managed the house when it opened and as we grew, we learned more about what women needed in early recovery and how to best support them. In addition to requiring residents to work a 12th step program, we watched the situations that would derail a woman’s recovery and started building accountability and activities to help women stay sober through the most difficult times. Today, in addition to traditional sober house accountability, we work with residents on: 

  • Building a daily spiritual program      

  • Balance- i.e. balancing recovery with life and relationships, building a routine to help them thrive, time management tools, etc. 

  • Self care and meditation

  • Decision Making

  • Codependency

  • Communication and difficult conversations


We passionately advocate for our residents as they deal with legal and financial issues and often work with families and residents on communication.  

In October of 2016, we opened the Nova House for younger women so we could provide more structure, support and accountability to deal with the challenges unique to younger women in recovery.  We continue to work hard to develop new ways to support and empower women in recovery.

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